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      Jianyang sichuan empty precision casting co., LTD(The original sichuan empty group nonferrous factory)Is2010Years12Month31Day was changed to professional non-ferrous and precision cast steel casting co., LTD.The company is located in east of chengdu56Kilometers of jianyang construction road239Sichuan empty group within the company,Mainly engaged in the professional resin sand casting parts(Mainly composed of stainless steel)、Sodium silicate sand casting parts、Copper、Aluminum non-ferrous metal castings、Revestment precision castings、Development of babbitt metal parts、Production、Sales and quality assurance(Service)。Company production site12000?,Has cast steel(Non-ferrous metal)Resin sand production line、Sodium silicate sand production line and silica sol casting precision casting production line each a and smelting、Before the furnace spectrum detection、Shot blast cleaning、The perfect supporting facilities such as heat treatment,From the mold(Model)Development、Casting products、Chemical composition control, and mechanical properties testing、Heat treatment such as perfect products、Quality control and after-sales service capacity。
     Company product structure object services in the industries of cryogenic equipment、The compressor industry、Special pump industry、Special valve、Turbine expansion machine such as petrochemical general industry and paper making、Metallurgy、Energy、The fire、Heat treatment、Military industry and other industries。At present chongqing water pump factory co., LTD、Chongqing(Great sway)Environmental protection technology equipment co., LTD、Large machinery(Qingdao)Co., LTD、Sichuan air separation equipment(Group)Limited liability      ...[Look at all of them]

CF8The cylinder block
CF8The pump housing
Shot blast cleaning
ZL108The piston body
CF8As the body
CF8The relief valve body and breathing
DN450Copper body
DN400Copper body
SCS14The impeller_3
SCS14The impeller_2
Composite impeller
Pressure regulating valve body wax models
Pressure regulating valve body materialCF8
Pressure regulating valve cover wax models
The relief valve body and breathing wax models
Finished product impeller material0Cr13Ni4Mo
Finished the handwheel material15Cr12
SCS14The impeller
DN150Globe valve body CF8
DN100Breathing valve body materialCF8
Pressure regulating valve body wax models
LNGGlobe valve body wax modelsCF8
DN100Liquid oxygen pipe cut-off valve body16-4The silicon brass
DN100Oxygen cut-off valve body16-4The silicon brass
DN450Copper body
ZG0Cr18Ni9The pressurization turbine spiral case
Sand mold cast stainless steel spiral case materialCF8
Resin sand casting model
Turbine spiral caseCF8
DN50Emergency cut-off valve body wax models
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