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Guangdong good dietary management services co., LTD is a professional contracting factories、The school、Enterprises and institutions canteens,Agricultural raw materials distribution,Mandatory canteen、Banquet、Party such as integrated logistics services company, 2002 The company founded,Is located in guangdong province's largest agricultural and sideline products wholesale market a city dalingshan xinli international agricultural trade,Purchasing environment is extremely advantageous;Due to the unique geographical advantage,Along with the letter made farmers growing company,For a day 50000 People with high quality catering services,Company employees 800 Many people。Along the way,We in line with“To be a partner of customers the most valuable”The management policy,And the port of destination、Taiwan、Korea、Day、U.S. and other enterprises have good relations of cooperation,By the general customers the consistent affirmation and praise。

Cherish the past glory Create tomorrow's brilliant
  • Joint BHG strategic partner
  • The standing vice-chairman unit
  • Deputy director of the unit
A number of national security certification Establish a food safety net
To the most stringent requirements、The highest standard、The most effective execution,Is the escort of food safety
Canteen contractorFind out which?

Choose to choose to choose good meals,Focused on canteen contractor15Years

Better good?

The dishes,Taste is boiled,Everyone does not love to eat。Good dietary features gourmet flavor combined with public choice,Delicious not weigh appearance

The price is affordable?

Cheap is not good,You don't bargain,Canteen operating cost is high。
Good diet has its own breeding、Planting base,More competitive

Management specification?

The dining room operation is not standard operation,Often there are all sorts of problems。Good diet has a complete set of standard service system,Let the party a at ease when cutting the shopkeeper

How about power?

Can't keep up,The service is poor,No guarantee of cooperation。Good experience,Strong,Served many colleges and universities and enterprises,More at ease


Don't care for the dining staff satisfaction,Response to a question is more slowly。Good satisfaction survey on a regular basis,Continuously improve dining experience

Research and development center A balanced To innovate

Tastes differ,Well do it。
8Big cuisines、3000Multichannel recipes

Science and technology
HACCPSanitary control
Network application management
Outbound management of raw materials
Purchasing and supply management
Security checks
Employees' health
Tableware hygiene
The waste of health——Garbage refrigerating station
Food48Hours retained system establishment
Green, guard a pass
“Green Pollution-free”Agricultural base
Professional nutritionist“Tailored to the cloth”
Exquisite dishesFine cuisine show
Good meal Thank you all the way with you!
XiHe shang jia won“2018The annual GuangDongTuan CanYe

Good diet as meals service distribution association, vice President of units in guangdong province,It's an honor to be attended the event organisers,Good meal with in this activity 2018 In group meal meal market continued to develop and group projects of rapid growth,To obtain“2018The annual GuangDongTuan CanYe50To be strong”The title of honor。2019Years1Month15Day,GuangDongTuan board association“2018In the fourth session of GuangDongTuan meal industry development conference and the second session of guangdong regiment meal distribution industry association member representative assembly”Fuli airport in guangzhou huadu holiday is held ceremoniously,In the conference of the communist party of China300A related units,Such as the relevant government departments、Experts、Relevant industry associations、Each member units、Various cooperation unit on behalf of the members, etc。....

2019China's catering industry expo and the fifth

China's catering industry exposition(简称:CIECHINA)Since the founding of new China Put forward the concept of food and beverage industry exhibition,Also is at present in China Focus on food catering industry of the whole industry chain procurement event。The exhibition according to the development of China's catering industry present situation and the necessity of food industrial development,To break the traditional consumption habits of food industry,Establish consumer market catering industry as the leading position。By the famous exhibition organizations Gordon commercial(简称:GOLDENEXPO)Establishes,The exhibition“Focus on the development of Chinese catering industry in the future”As the theme,Through different blend exhibits range and penetration for all food catering industry industrial chain。Exhibits range covers catering new ingredients and seasoning、The central kitchen and integration、Food packaging....

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    The canteen contracting out how to guarantee the quality and quantity?Answer:After enterprises take the canteen contracting out,The dining hall management has been by the contractor,To oversee the audit by the enterprise,Spot checks will not regular,The canteen contractors....

  • Good dietary canteen contractor common problems

    Canteen contractor is now commonplace,But in the process of contracting the problem remains the same,The dishes were bad、The variety not entire problem is ChiKe often complain,....

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    1 、What is the difference between you and traditional canteen contractor?The traditional contractor is basically family operation、A single procurement channels、Management ability is not high,Professional management services company, in accordance with the modern enterprise....

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